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    Coming to Laluna Spa To Enjoy a Healthy, Relaxing, and Beautifully Professional, Friendly, and Spacious Private Bathroom.

    La Luna Spa, located at 111 Ba Trieu Street. Hoi An, a 3-minute walk from Hoi An ancient town. This can be said to be a reasonable distance for you to go to.
    We are not just a spamassage, beauty treatment services, but also offer a feeling of lightness and peace of mind between body and spirit when you come to La Luna Spa.
    Relaxation services, massages, beauty treatments, wound healing and the restoration of your health. We bring traditional Vietnamese therapies as well as other world-famous therapies: "body massage, skin care, manicure, pedicure, hairdo and makeup", in combination with 100% natural ingredients such as: "crystal salt, ginger, aloe vera, artichokes, mud, green tea ..." take care of your physical and mental health.
    We always try our best to provide the best quality of service, so we put the top priority:

    • Professionalfriendly staff.
    • Private space, clean, luxurious.
    • 100% natural, safe material.

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