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    La Luna Spa Hoi An has best spa traditional massage therapies.

    The most Relaxation Therapy

    Full body massage with hot stone and warm aroma. An ancient massage carries the feeling of gentleness and comfort, melting tension.



    Coming to Laluna Spa To Enjoy a Healthy, Relaxing, and Beautifully Professional, Friendly, and Spacious Private Bathroom.

    About Us

    It is not merely a therapy, but an experience and a journey of discovery..

    Only 3 minutes walking distance from the old town, La Luna Spa is designed for the travellers who want to not only relax but also discover a traditional Vietnamese Spa.

    LuxurySpa in Hoi An

    La Luna Luxury Spa in Hoi An always strives towards the pure values of life to make sure that you will receive the beauty and the soul you are being cared for and cherished.

    Relaxand Beauty Salon

    Natural flavors to soften and soothe the skin along with natural acne, yogurt, oatmeal and honey to reduce redness, make your skin soft, bright and radiant.


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